Multi Space Parking

Parking Equipment

Sales & Maintenance

Since 1993, RCB Parking supplies parking lots and parkades with automated parking systems, multi-space pay stations, barcode parking devices, parking time-clocks and supplies.

We’ll install the parking system that’s right for your location and service it to keep it operating in tip-top shape to so it’s easy to use for your customers and reliable payment collection for you.

  • Hub Parking
  • Automated Parking Systems
  • Pay Stations
  • Card Access
  • Barcodes for Parking Devices - Entry, Exit, Paystations, Wallbox
  • Time Clocks, Time Cards
  • Carwash Controls
  • Parking Tickets
  • Guard Posts, Bollards, Parking Curbs

Pin Entry and Badge Card
Biometric Fingerprint
Biometric Face Recognition
Biometric Hand Punch
Time Clock Cards
Time Clock Ribbons
Time Clock Parts / Accessories

Multi-space parking pay stations that serve on or off street parking spaces. More...

RCB Parking installs and services secure, automated entrance controls. Parking systems that provide the highest level of optimization and security. More...