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Parking Maintenance, Automation, Marking, Equipment

RCB Parking offers a comprehensive selection of parking equipment including full service. Our parking maintenance services cover Manitoba, Saskatchewan and northwestern Ontario.

Phone: 204-771-7747

RCB Parking main office
407 Desautels Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2H 0J6


Pavement Marking & Painting

  • Highway Road Marking
  • Highway Line Painting
  • Pavement Markings
  • Airport Road Marking

Parking Lot Maintenance

  • Parking Lot Sweeping
  • Parking Lot Snow Removal
  • Parking Lot Scrubbing

Parking Equipment Sales & Maintenance

  • Automated Parking Systems
  • Multi-Space Pay Stations
  • Parking Meters
  • Barcode Parking Technology
  • Time Clocks and Time Cards
  • Carwash Controls
  • Card Access
  • Parking Tickets
  • Receipt Rolls
  • Guard Posts, Bollards, Parking Curbs


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